My bro got arrested for robbing 3 banks, shooting at 3 police officers and so on, what will his sentance most likly be if he pleads guilty?This is important that I know, thanks

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of variables here, given that bank robbery is a federal crime that will be tried in federal court, and shooting at police officers (I'm assuming they were local or state officers) is a state crime and will be prosecuted in state court.  So your brother will be involved in two trials/criminal cases regardless of how he pleads.  Typically this means the lower charges won't be pursued so that the person can get the longest possible jail sentence.  This complicates things greatly for your brother.

First, if he does not already have legal counsel, be sure that he gets it.  Second, if he can't afford legal counsel, the court will need to provide it for him.  He should do this before he decides to enter a plea, as the lawyer can tell you much more accurately the kind of sentence he may be looking at.

For the bank robberies, there is a federal "truth in sentencing" guideline, meaning no chance of parole, and only a maximum of 54 days off of the sentence per year of good behavior.  Pleading guilty to all three bank robberies would likely net a sentence of at least 25 years.

The state charges are no better, but it depends on the state the shootings took place in.  The crime will likely be three counts of attempted murder of a police officer (assuming none of them were wounded, which would lead to additional charges).  I would expect no less than 25 years for a sentence, even if he pleads guilty.

Again, please seek legal counsel as soon as possible, so that your brother is treated fairly and legally.