My assignment is to write a thematic statement and find a movie and poem with that same theme. Any theme and movie suggestions?from In the Time of the Butterflies

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The themes in In the Time of the Butterflies, according to eNotes, are the following:

1. Change and Transformation

2. Courage and Cowardness

3. Family Life

4. Gender Roles

While there are a few more, these themes are enough to answer your question.

In regards to all four of the above mentioned themes, a movie that could be used is "Speak". Melinda, the protagonist, must face her emotional and mental "reconstruction" after a rape (change and transformation), the ability to face her attacker (courage/cowardness), her broken relationship with her family (Family Life), and the gender roles depicted in schools (Gender Roles).

As for poetry which includes themes similar to those mentioned, the list is endless.

"Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly"- Simmerman

Poetry by Rabindranath Tagore (renowned for his life changing poetry and recognition as a prophet)- "Brink of Eternity" and "Closed Path".

"Courage"- Goethe

"Courage"- Sexton

"The Miracle"- Anderson

"That Women are but Men's Shadows"- Jonson

I hope that this list helps. Good luck with your assignment.


Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A film having the theme of courage stars William Hurt and Marc Donato and tells the tale of a quest for a Central American blue butterfly in The Blue Butterfly (Lea Pool, 2004). A famous entomologist and a dying boy go together and see their courage unfold before them like the blue butterfly's wings. A poem that corresponds to courage might be William Wordsworth's The Ruined Cottage. The woman's courage doesn't work out as well as the boy's and man's courage does, nonetheless, a tale of courage is told.

The first choice that I come up with would be finding a Movie i.e. In Love and War PG13 (about Hemingway), and search out some of Hemmingway's works to see if you can find the same theme in his literary works. (That is a really easy correlation - finding a movie about a poet and then finding their works that can be related to the movie)

Another Example: "Hope"  The Diary of Anne Frank, then type in a Google search for poems about Hope

Another: "Greed" Movie = Avatar, Poem=Mother's Nature (by Dancing Star)

OR for your own wonderful ideas and inspiration

I recommend starting with a movie theme that interests you and you would find easy to write about...a theme in movies you enjoy watching and talking about. After you establish that, then find some poetry that flows along those can enter "poems about _____" in your search engine

I would say remember that a theme isn't the subject...Love and Peace, War, Lost Love, Abuse, Faith, Spirituality...


good luck

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