My assignment asks me to write a newspaper article reporting on a missing person (description attached as image below) using a specific style ( and order ( How should I approach this prompt?

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Your task for this assignment is to write a short newspaper story about the disappearance of Dr. Garcelle Dominguez using a particular style and order. Let's review the requirement and do some brainstorming to get you started.

First, you should carefully read over all the supplied information. Notice the facts of the case, like the doctor's description, the time of her disappearance, and the contact number for information. Also, pay close attention to the newspaper style. You will need to focus on short sentences and paragraphs, direct speech, descriptive adjectives, and a sense of serious drama. The order of your account should start with a broad summary, transition to important background information, return to the disappearance, describe the response you want from your readers, and conclude with a look to the future. Focus on the five “Ws” (who, what, when, where, why) and the “H” (how) listed in your information.

Now let's brainstorm some possibilities for your report. You will need a strong headline and sub-headline. Try to reach out and grab your readers' attention with a statement about a doctor gone missing for the headline. Include her name and one more piece of identifying information in the sub-headline.

For the article itself, begin with a summary of the doctor's December 8th disappearance. Then create a background statement about where she was last seen and who reported her missing. Describe the doctor in detail, including what she was wearing when she disappeared. Finally, tell your readers what they can do to help and how they should respond if they see the doctor or have any information. Look ahead to the future with a statement of hope for the doctor's safe return.

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