My assignment asks me to analyze a conflict presented in the "Saint Marie" and "The Beads" from Louise Erdrich's short story collection Love Medicine. How  should I approach this assignment? 

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In Love Medicine, Louise Erdrich presents a number of conflicts and types of conflicts. Let's look at specific scenes in “Saint Marie” and “The Beads” to help you get started on this assignment.

In “Saint Marie,” you might write about the conflict between Marie and Sister Leopolda. Think about why this conflict arises and how Marie handles it. Also, consider what it teaches Marie about human nature and the corrupting potential of religion. Think about how this conflict is significant, and reflect on anything that might connect you personally with the story. Perhaps you have, at some time, lost confidence in a person whom you once admired. If so, you can certainly relate to Marie's experience.

In “The Beads,” there are conflicts on several levels. You might choose to discuss the conflict between Marie and Nector and how it affects their marriage. You may also decide to focus on the conflict between Marie and herself as she struggles to raise her children and her niece. If you choose this conflict, you could focus on Marie's struggles with prayer and what the beads symbolize to her. Alternately, you might select the conflict between Marie and Rushes Bear. Look at the reasons for that rivalry and how it turns out. There are several elements in this story that might relate to you as a reader. Perhaps you have had difficult relationships with people or have struggled against yourself over something.

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