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My account was cancelled but I have renewed.Will someone respond to my last question on Robert Frost?

Expert Answers

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I am sorry your question was not answered in a timely manner.  We will answer it right away!

First,  I just wanted to let you know that we will answer your question whether or not you have an account.  Once you ask a question, it goes on the list of unanswered questions.  Then we have to wait for someone with the expertise to anwer the question.  If you see your question go unanswered for a long time, I suggest you check to make sure that your question is clear.  Also, be sure it is in the right area.  For example, make sure your poem is in the "Robert Frost" category.  You are more likely to get an answer that way.  If that does not work, I have another tip.  Go to the category and message educators who have answered other questions.  If you message us, we will see your question and I am sure someone will answer.  Thank you for using enotes!

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