my 1 year old has dental flurosis in his baby teeth will he definatley get it in his adult teethhow much ppm fluoride should i be using in his toothpaste

ngstevens | Student

When the correct amount of fluoride is ingested, it can help prevent tooth decay and the formation of caries. However, if too much is consumed, especially by young children, dental fluorosis can occur. The causes damage to the enamel of the teeth, pitting and strong staining. Only children younger than 8 years old are at risk of dental fluorosis because the first, milk teeth are softer and more prone to damage than the permanent adult teeth that are forming under the gums. Once the permanent teeth emerge, excess fluoride cannot damage the stronger enamel. Adults, adolescents and older children are therefore not prone to dental fluorosis.

helpmehygienist | Student
I am a dental hygienist. Generally we don't recommend fluoride toothpaste until a child is 2 years old. At that point only half a pea sized drop. Flourosis on baby teeth does not mean a child will have it on adult teeth. Fluorosis happens before the teeth erupt so most likely your child had excess fluoride as a baby. To avoid flurosis of adult teeth monitor your child's intake of fluoride. Check if your town has fluoride in the water and if so you don't need to give supplements. Use a nonfluoride training toothpaste until your child is 2 as I mentioned. Always watch your child when brushing. When they are spitting well you can start them on fluoride toothpaste (after age 2). An alternative to fluoride toothpaste to keep kids teeth strong is MI Paste. It strengthens teeth without the risk fluorosis. I love this stuff. I use it daily for my 4 year old and when my baby vets her first tooth I will use it on her. The regular Mi Paste is what I recommend for kids since it has no fluoride and is safe to swallow. It tastes good too. I like to call it a tooth vitamin. Kids seem to understand that idea.

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