if music is the "food" for the human soul, think about how a "musical diet" can influence human behavior at all stages of life.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Brain research has shown that a baby's brain is stimulated by music. The proliferation of recordings along the line of "Baby Loves Mozart" reflects the importance some attach to helping to develop the recognition of patterns and mathematical relationships of harmonies expressed by music.

As an energetic youngster, perhaps jazz would be a classical equivalent for rock and roll, a musical expression of enormous energy and enthusiasm for everything. Marches and energetic dance tunes could also shape and reflect this stage.

Hip hop, rap, and new age music could serve as representations of the individuality of teen and early adulthood years, as people learn to express their own unique styles and preferences. Obviously, these expressions also mean that some individuals will gravitate toward other styles of music.

At the end of life, many humans may again yearn for predictable tunes and harmonizations, possibly expressed through the songs of whatever faith brings reassurance and comfort.