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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator


To multiply a whole number and a fraction, the whole number should be expressed as a fraction.


Then, cancel the common factor between the numerators and denominators, which is 6.


And, multiply straight across.




Thus,  ` 12*5/6=10` .

rcalifornia | Student

First write 12 as 12/1 (it is the same this... the one is always under the whole # just not written due to repetition).

This will then lead you to just be multiplying two fractions.

The rule for multiplying fractions is that you don't have to make the denominators equal. You can just multiply across. (in this case: 12*5 and for the denominator 1*6)

This will equal to: 60/6

That will simplify to 10 since when 60 is divided by 6 then answer is 10

aishukul | Student

To multiply 12 times 5/6, first convert 12 into a fraction. 



This can be simplified to equal 10.  

user2746851 | Student

``First, you have to choose whether to do the multiplication or division. I decided to do the multiplication first.


``Then, you have to do the division.

`60/6= 10`

``You now have your final answer!

`:. 12*5/6=10`


` `

iamkaori | Student