Multiply.Use the distributive property. A) 3(x-2y)     B)-(x-3y) C)5x(x+2y+z)

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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The distributive property states that:

`a(b+c)=a*b+ a*c`

Applying this to the above problems result to:

(A.)     `3(x-2y) = 3*x -2y*3= 3x - 6y`

Hence, `3(x-2y)= 3x - 6y` .


(B)     `-(x - 3y)`

A negative outside the parenthesis is the same as multiplying the expression inside the parenthesis with -1.

       `=-1(x-3y) = -1*x -3y*(-1)= -x+3y=3y-x`

Hence, `-(x-3y)=3y-x` .

(C)    `5x(x+2y+z)=5x*x+5x*2y+5x*z=5x^2+10xy+5xz`

Hence, `5x(x+2y+z)=5x^2+10xy+5xz`.