In Much Ado about Nothing, Beatrice and Benedick say that lovers are fools and they want nothing to do with love. Why do you think they say this?

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davidmk4126 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would argue this is a working theme of “Much Ado About Nothing.” Beatrice and Benedict state that loves makes men and women fools due to the fact that they do not see clearly and eventually display impulsive and poor decision making. They both love each other; however, they are in denial. They insinuate that love devalues the individual and leaves one a mere shell with no identity. It seems that they gain enjoyment from bombarding one another with verbal snipes. One may ask whether they are hiding their mutual attraction and love and preserving their individuality and identities. In doing so perhaps they are endeavoring to warn people about the perils of love.

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