In "Much Ado About Nothing", how do other characters view Don John?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The other characters are polite and respectful to Don John, but his unsocial attitude keeps people at arm's length and so there is no fondness for Don John.  At the start of Act 2, when Don John's name comes up Beatrice says that Don John looks "tartly" and that whenever she sees him, she has heartburn for an hour afterward.  Hero says that he is "...of a very melancholy disposition."  Then Beatrice imagines a man made from parts of Benedick, Don Pedro, and "...Count John's melancholy."  The other characters seem to have about the same regard for him. Don John says to his half brother, Don Pedro, in Act 3, sc. 2, that "You may think I love you not."  This indicates there is friction between the two probably due to Don John being the illigitmate brother and to the fact that Don Pedro prefers Claudio to Don John.  This information comes out, in part, in Act 1, sc. 3, when Don John speaks with Borachio and Conrade while he plots to interfere with the romance between Claudio and Hero.

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