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Is William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing classified as a romantic comedy or a satirical comedy?

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William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing is classified as a romantic comedy, but a somewhat atypical one, in that its setting is urban, and at times the travails of the characters nearly cross the boundary to tragedy.

The earliest distinction we have between comedy and tragedy as dramatic genres is Aristotle's Poetics, a work the very much influenced the evolution of Renaissance drama. Aristotle defines comedy as follows:

Comedy is, as we have said, an imitation of characters of a lower type- not, however, in the full sense of the word bad, the ludicrous being merely a subdivision of the ugly. It...

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Much Ado About Nothing has been stated as a romantic comedy. A romantic comedy is a movie or play that deals with love in a light hearted way, and Much Ado About Nothing does that. However, it differs from Shakespeare's other romantic comedies. In Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare also pokes fun at the conventions of courting and romantic love that were popular during that time. 

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