Does Mrs. Frankweiler have a big house?

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In the novel, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, one of the important characters is Mrs. Frankweiler, a rich 82 year old woman who indeed has a big house. When the two children finally go to her house to try verifying the Angel statue is one of Michaelangelo's works, they must go through her files to find the proof in a large room with nothing but files.  When they have found the proof, Claudia is taken on a tour of the mansion which is impressive while her brother Jamie is not interested in a tour. Through a deal worked out with Mrs. Frankweiler, the children are driven home, and they decide to keep visiting her as if she was their grandmother.  Through the adventure, the children learn about themselves as well as about the statue and Mrs. Frankweiler.


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