Examine Mrs. Bridge's character traits.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One aspect of Mrs. Bridge's characterization is her firm adherence to social expectation.  Mrs. Bridge understands the structure of social mores.  This gives a certain form to her life.  Her adherence to social order is what enables her to cope with the challenges of a changing world around her.  Part of this involves her duty as a mother.  She is attentive to the needs of her children.  Yet, in this capacity, she understands the changing nature of the world, her world, and finds herself unable to articulate a position in which this change needs to be altered.  Mrs. Bridge sees her children embrace positions that she herself could not embrace.  It is this dynamic of both clinging to social order and understanding its fleeting nature that defines her character.

This is where Mrs. Bridge becomes a rounded character.  While her friends are seeking release from this in the form of suicide or therapy, Mrs. Bridge tries to walk this fine line between understanding the nature of the world and not becoming subsumed by it with her devotion to her husband.  Mr. Bridge's structure and order is where India is able to find some level of comprehension.  Mrs. Bridge becomes a complex character because she is more than a disillusioned woman of the home.  She is a statement on how individuals struggle to function in the world and try to make sense of it.  She wishes to be more than what she is, but she cannot bring herself to abandon that which she fulfills.  It is in this where her character traits and characterization becomes quite complex and rich.

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