The Wednesday Wars

by Gary Schmidt
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Mrs. Baker starts assigning the plays of which bard in The Wednesday Wars?

Expert Answers

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Mrs. Baker begins assigning Shakespeare's plays to Holling Hoodhood.  

Holling Hoodhood is forced to go to Mrs. Baker's classroom every Wednesday afternoon because he doesn't attend Catholic Catechism or Hebrew school like the rest of his classmates do. Holling isn't happy about the situation, and Mrs. Baker definitely isn't happy about the situation. She even tries to have Holling repeat the previous year's math class because it meets during the same period.  

When Holling and Mrs. Baker begin spending their Wednesday afternoons together, Mrs. Baker has Holling do menial tasks like cleaning desks and chalkboards. After the first month, though, Mrs. Baker announces she and Holling will begin going through a Shakespeare play each month. Holling thinks the arrangement is just about the worst thing imaginable; however, over the course of the school year, Holling learns to enjoy Shakespeare.

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