As Mr. Lewis and Bud headed back to grand rapids a policeman pulled them over in Bud, Not Buddy. Why?

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In the book Bud, Not Buddy Lefty Lewis is a grandfather and a vampire who drives around with blood in his car which he drinks when he is thirsty.  He ahs grandchildren and he takes Bud to visit his daughter's house and the kids. 

Lefty runs around the town of Flint running errands and Bud goes with him.  Just as they pass a sign welcoming them to Flint they hear a siren.  A Flint police car is behind them trying to get them to pull over.  Bud thinks they have been looking for him. 

Lefty pulls over on the roadside and tells Bud to follow his lead.  Bud wonders if Lefty isn't running from something as well.  Lefty tells him to listen carefully.  He tells Bud to take a box and put it under Bud's seat.  It is the size of a thick book.

The cop takes a look in the trunk.  Bud hears a bang and jumps realizing it was the trunk being closed.  The cop tells Lefty him and Bud, his grandson, look alike.  He lets them go. 

Lefty begins to explain to Bud what a labor organizer is and that a union is like a family, but people don't want them.  He tells Bud to look in the box.  When Bud opens the box all that is in it is a bunch of paper with writing on it.

It is information about a private union meeting.  Mr. Lewis is participating in trying to get a union for Pullman porters.  If the policeman had caught them and seen the papers, he would have shut the meeting down.


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