Mr Darcy's Metemorphosis! Mr Darcy,one of the main characters in Pride and Prejudice, supposedly went through a "Metamorphosis" after he knew Elizabeth Bennet. This allows us to label him as a "dynamic" character. Regarding that here are some things that could be discussed: How did Mr Darcy change throughout the novel (examples)? In which part/scene/chapter does this change start/ when is the change most evident? Do you think that this change is permanent or was it only to please Elizabeth and win her heart and why do you think so? How would've the story been different if Mr Darcy had remained static (stayed the same and did not evolve or mature)? What role did his change play in the novel's main plot? You can contribute by answering some of these questions/ all of them or just by generally commenting. Your participation will be greatly valued and appreciated! :D    

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I don't know that he really changes! I think it is more that he reveals himself for who he is really is, not the aloof man he appears to be due to the social circumstances of the beginning of the book. It is revealed later that what looked like pride, is actually shyness in new situations and around people he doesn't know well. What looks like arrogance in manipulating Bingley away from Jane is actually concern for a friend and an effort to protect his heart. What sounds like rude and unfair treatment of Wickham is actually doing more than the right thing by him. What really changes through the novel is Elizabeth 's...

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