Mr. Browne's October precept is "Your deeds are your monuments.-inscription on an Egyptian tomb". Discuss one character who has behaved in a way that has affected August a great deal. Justify your...

Mr. Browne's October precept is "Your deeds are your monuments.-inscription on an Egyptian tomb". Discuss one character who has behaved in a way that has affected August a great deal. Justify your answer by providing two examples of the character's actions that have created an important impact on August.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Brown's precept for October is quite relevant to the construction of the novel's plot.  One character that has behaved in a way that has affected Auggie a great deal would be Via.  Auggie's older sister represents the idea that deeds are an individual's monuments.  Her compassion and defense of Auggie is powerful enough to represent her monuments towards her sibling.  When so many lack clarity of action and vision in knowing what to do regarding Auggie, Via is lucid.  She embodies how one's actions are their monuments towards others.  As a result of her love and devotion towards Auggie, he is able to recognize that there can be hope and restoration in a world that is most likely one that he experiences in the harshest of manners.  Via represents how one's deeds represent monuments in the type of support she gives to Auggie.  When she tells her brother that "kids are stupid" or when she reprimands adults who are staring at Auggie with "What the heck are you looking at?" I'd say to people—even grown-ups," it is clear that Via's deeds are important to August.  In both intent and result, they represent a path through the wilderness that August is condemned to navigate. Her actions, even her guilt about sometimes wishing that things could be simpler, are examples of monuments built in defense of her brother.  They impact Auggie in being able to provide hope in a world where there might not be much of it.

kabate6590 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel Wonder, Auggie's teacher Mr. Browne introduces his students to precepts—rules to guide behaviors and thoughts. In October, Mr. Browne's precept was "your deeds are your monuments." Auggie recognizes that this means that your actions and how you behave toward people will leave as lasting an impression as a statue or monument. 

There are many characters in the novel who behave in a way that affects Auggie a great deal. One such character is Jack Will, who affects Auggie both negatively and positively in the story. Auggie meets Jack before school begins, and Jack is very kind toward Auggie. As such, Auggie becomes close friends with Jack and learns that the kids at school are not as rude as he thinks they will be. On Halloween, however, Auggie overhears Jack telling some other boys that the principal forced him to befriend Auggie and that he would kill himself if he looked like Auggie. This has a negative impact on Auggie, and he learns that middle school is a challenging time during which it is necessary to know who your friends are.

Ultimately, we find out that Jack really did enjoy being friends with Auggie and only said those things to impress the popular boy, Julian. Auggie and Jack become friends again, and as a result, Jack teaches Auggie the true meaning of friendship beyond the perspective of vanity.

kabate6590 | Student

Mr. Browne's October precept, "your deeds are your monuments," is especially fitting for the story of Wonder. As a student with a unique situation, August is affected both positively and negatively by many of his peers. One character who behaves in a way that affects Auggie is Jack Will. When Auggie first meets Jack, Jack is kind and the two quickly become best friends. Auggie likes that Jack does not seem to be bothered by how he looks. But Jack Will does not only impact Auggie in a positive way. Auggie also overhears Jack making fun of him to some other students in order to seem cool. Jack eventually apologizes, and the two become best friends, and Jack even stands up to some older kids for Auggie. As a result of Jack's friendship, Auggie learns that there are good and kind people who will not be bothered by something as vain as how someone looks.