The movie She's the Man focuses on three themes: gender equality, identity, and relationships. In an essay what information should be included?  

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The movie She's the Man is, of course, an adaptation of Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.  An essay focusing on gender equality, identity, and relationships should include supporting details in each body paragraph to illustrate each of those major themes.  Choose at least two strong examples, scenes, or quotes from the movie to focus on in each body paragraph.  Moreover, it would be interesting as well to relate the movies' portrayals of each theme back to the original Shakespeare play and compare or contrast the modern version to the original.  Another interesting aspect for consideration would be to include how the movie's use of characterization also influences the development of each theme.

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First, make sure that your essay begins with a thesis statement that explains the main idea of the writing piece. In this case, you can say that the movie She's the Man challenges traditional views of males and females in society, which tends to assign individuals specific roles based solely on gender, and not on ability.

Then move on to explain that the way this challenge is presented in the movie is through the use of themes such as gender equality, relationships, and identity. These themes are prevalent throughout the interactions and dynamics in the movie, which continuously satirize those social expectations, making the public reconsider the way we think of others. 

Then use one paragraph for each of the three themes: one for gender equality, one for relationships, and one for identity. In each paragraph, use one to two strong examples from the movie that illustrate the way the theme is used. It could be an excerpt of a dialogue, or a situational irony, that you will then connect to the main idea. Use transitional sentences at the end of each paragraph. 

Do not forget to close with a conclusion that re-states the main idea that you propose in the introductory paragraph, and to use active voice when writing your verbs.