In the movie "Remember the Titans", what are some lessons learned that can help in resolving conflict in peoples' lives?

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In the movie Remember the Titans, lessons are learned which can help resolve conflict in people's lives.  One such lesson is to be observant when you see someone who believes in not creating conflict in the first place.  Louie says that he is friends with everybody and uses the music of the Temptations as the common link between himself and Rev.  Another is showing the results of such a conflict. The black coach takes the team early in the morning to the field of Gettysburg and shows the team where thousands of young men died fighting the battle the team is still fighting of black vs white.  Seeing the field makes the ongoing battle real and several realize that continuing this fight is not worth the cost.  The third lesson is learning to trust such as the daughter coaching her father about trusting the black coach.  Another lesson is talking through what we fear as when Gary talks to Julius after his accident, telling Julius that he finally realized Julius was his brother despite his fear of the unknown.  Even Gary's mother learns to trust Julius and bury her fear of the unknown when she goes to the game and sits with the coach's wife and child.  The lessons learned are well chosen and illustrated in the film without too much preaching.

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