In Remember the Titans, what are some examples where prejudice led to discrimination?

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In my mind, the question is asking you to assess how attitudes of racial discrimination led to policy decisions that reflected it.  The concept of "prejudice" is something that can be characterized as internal.  Individuals in the film, such as members of the school board, held prejudicial attitudes towards people of color, and in particular, Coach Boone's attempts.  The discrimination element is reflective of prejudice in that discrimination is the policy- based result of prejudice.  Hence, in the film, when the school board threatens to fire Coach Boone should he lose a game, this is an example of discrimination that comes from prejudice. Another example would be when Coach Yoast is threatened to have his Hall of Fame membership approved after the Titans lose a game.  The prejudice is the personal feeling of wanting to see the African- American coach Boone be brought down because of his race.  The discrimination element is the policy of seeking to institutionally delay Coach Yoast's Hall of Fame induction in order to feed the prejudicial attitudes of those in the position of power.   It is here where I think that one can see how prejudice and discrimination feed one another and are reflected in the film.


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