In the movie Remember The Titans, what examples are there that influence attitude formation?

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In the movie, Remember the Titans, several examples influence attitude formation. When Louie shows up and just wants to play football, he says he is friends with everyone white or black and then shows that with music from the Temptations.  When the football players head for camp, they are removed from the white and black buses and assigned to  buses by offense and defense which means white and black students sit together. At camp, they are forced to get along by interviewing each other and some barriers come down.  Coach eventually gets frustrated and takes the team on a run to Gettysburg, telling them they are still fighting the same battle here.  When Gary is challenged by Julius to lead and quit letting the white players slack off, Gary responds by confronting his friend about blocking for Rev and change begins.  When the team returns home, Gary wanted his mother to meet Julius and she refuses as does his girlfriend. As the season progresses, players learn to depend on each other and the fragile trust between players and between the two coaches begins also to change the attitudes.  In a crucial game, when a white player deliberately lets an opposing player through the line and Rev gets hurt, it is Gary as the team leader who throws his friend off the team. At the end, when Gary is hurt, it is Julius who steps up to help him as a true friend.  In the final game, it is the daughter of the white coach who convinces her father to trust the black coach and accept his advice, leading to winning the game.  This movie is one of my favorites!

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