In movie Remember the Titans, identify and describe an Internal conflict that was demonstrated in the movie.

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In the movie Remember the Titans, internal conflict shows up clearly in the way Gary must decide how to handle his desire to be on the team and the internal conflict with being friends with people of color.  Gary confronts Julius openly about the black power poster in the room causing a fight, but thinks about what Julius says when he says the white players do not block for Rev, the black running back.  Quietly, internally, Gary fights the battle to decide if he can trust or be friends with Julius, the leader of the black players on the team.  He finally confronts his white friend who isn't doing his job for the team, and eventually Gary must choose between being part of the football team, black players and all, or joining the segregation promoted even by his mother.  Gary's choice to give his all to the team and trust his black coach and teammates leads to a united football team and a championship.  Gary pays a big price for his choice while admitting to Julius that he was afraid of what he didn't know --that Julius is his brother. Gary's internal conflict plays throughout the movie showing the audience how difficult the choices were for everyone involved in this integrated championship team.


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