In the movie Remember the Titans identify and describe interpersonal, inter group and intragroup conflicts.

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The main conflict in Remember the Titans is racial, and is centred around the recently integrated high school, T.C. Williams, in Alexandria, Virginia.

High schools in Virginia, and other states in the United States, had successfully segregated the education system under the so-called "Jim Crow Laws", which made it legal to segregate services to white and black Americans. The "white" high schools were provided with extensive funding and experienced teachers, while the African American schools received much less attention. The "Jim Crow Laws" for state-funded schooling were overturned in the case "Brown vs Board of Education" in 1954. This ruling began the de-segregation of high schools across America.

Although enacted according to Federal and State laws, de-segregation of schools caused high levels of conflict between different groups, within groups and between individuals, as characterised in Remember the Titans. 

Intergroup animosity between white students and teachers and the newly...

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