In Remeber the Titans, where are some examples of attitude formation?

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I think that some of the strongest examples of attitude formation in the film would be evident in the town's attitude towards an integrated football team.  The resistance towards Coach Boone and his racially integrated team from the townspeople of Alexandria represents a critical element of attitude formation.  The town's resistance towards the issue of racial integration on its football team is one location of attitude formation.  Certainly, the animosity between the team's Black and White football players in the early stages would represent this.  The eventual embrace of the town of the football team is undercut by the attitudes of the school board that would represent the entrenched values of the community, showing disdain towards a Black head coach and the success he is experiencing.  Once again, attitude formations are evident in the hierarchy of power, with the upper echelons voicing opinions that others are compelled to share as seen in the referees who call a biased game in order to comply with those who want to see the Titans fail.  In these instances, attitude formation comes from the interests that wish to protect a Status Quo that does not embrace the reality of racial integration.

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