In the movie "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie," what was the mood like?

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The mood of the "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" is highly charged with pride, egotism, resentment, narcissism, chicanery, and antagonism.

Paralleling the time and historical period, Ms. Brodie emanates pompous, self-serving, and conceited mannerisms as she boasts of her trip to Italy to her young students. She praises Mussolini, and like him, treats her students as lowly subjects dependent upon her guidance. 

Even more analogous to her stated hero (Mussolini) and his clandestine police force, Ms. Brodie designates a group of girls in her class as her "set" whom she manipulates via trickery and by pitting them against one another.

Meanwhile, Ms. Brodie justifies her devious behavior and malevolent intentions with vanity, self-adoration, and the excuse that she must claim whatever she desires during this fleeting time of her "prime." 

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