Are the movie "Life of Pi" and the book the same at all?

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The answer is that I have no idea, nor does anyone else, because the movie hasn't been made yet.  :)  There is contrasting information about the release date of the movie; one website has it listed as 2009, another as 2011.  So, it is still under production and in the works.  Even the rumored directors have changed (some say it is Ang Lee, others Peter Jackson).  I am anxious to see the movie version of this book; I can't imagine it will be an easy task.  Just think about the complications of a real live Bengal tiger on a lifeboat, and having the entire movie be set there on that boat in the ocean.

I hope that the movie stays true to the book; too many movies diverge and take liberties that, in my opinion, ruin what was so good about the books they are based upon.  Either way, let's both look forward to that release in the near future!

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