In the movie Hamlet, starring Mel Gibson, how does Hamlet die?  

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hamlet's death occurs from the same cause in the film as in the play. He is wounded by the poison on the tip of Laertes' rapier, and, after grabbing the blade and stabbing Laertes, his adversary tells him what has happened to him and the queen, who has died from poisoning. He takes the rapier and kills Claudius, and then perishes after a slightly shortened version of his death speech. The most significant difference between the film and Shakespeare's text is that Hamlet does not announce his support for young Fortinbras in the film. In the play, he names him the successor to the Danish throne, and Horatio conveys the message. Horatio also does not offer to kill himself in the movie as he does in the play by moving declaring that he is is "more an ancient Roman than a Dane."