In movie Finding Forrester, since Jamal and William are both writers, how is risk taking important to both their writing and their life?    

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This is a good question.Finding Foresterwas released in 2000. It was written by Mike Rich and Gus Van Sant.  

Several things can be said about the importance of risk taking in this movie. Let me make a few points that will get you started. 

First, I would say that Jamal is in many ways more courageous than William, because Jamal had to take many steps of "faith." He had to come out of his comfort zone and enter into a new school where he did not really fit in. Then he also had to take risks when his school did not treat him fairly, especially when plagiarism charges were made towards him. Finally, he had to be courageous to befriend William. All of these experiences made him into a better writer as he was able to draw from his experiences. 

Second, William also had to take risks as well. He was a recluse after his first novel. When he and Jamal became friends, he came out of his shell. They went to a sports game at Madison Square Garden and in the end, William even came to Jamal's defense. Finally, William went back to Scotland and found his desire to live again. 

In the final scene, Jamal is given a package. In that package is William's second novel. Jamal is asked to write the foreword. From this perspective, we can say that William through taking risks was able to write again. Both needed each other to write. 

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