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In the movie Edward Scissorhands, what are the main themes and provide an important quote and why is it important.

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An artificial man created by an eccentric inventor, who died before he completed his work, Edward Scissorhands, nevertheless, exhibits more humane sympathies than humans. For, his innocence and lack of common sense prevent him from not trusting others; instead, he reacts according to his innate and untainted sensitivity and kindness. But, after others exploit him to pick locks, Edward is arrested by the police and placed under a psychiatrist who determines,

It seems clear that his awareness of what we call reality is radically underdeveloped.

It is, thus, apparent that to be unaware of the foibles and cruelty of mankind may, at times, be beneficial to others, as well as a worthy quality at times because Edward saves lives. So, ironically, the artificial man exhibits more noble qualities than the human males such as Jim. Unfortunately, Edward's innocence leaves him vulnerable and he must retreat to his old world.

Thus, there are two themes that emerge from this movie:

The Innocent Savage of Rousseau: Without the corruption of society, Edward is kind and loving with fear of reprisal. (see above quote)

The Corruption of Society: Edward is framed for his defense of Kim when Jim returns to wreak his vengeance upon them. To keep Kim from harm, Edward stabs Jim in the stomach and must flee because he will be judged unfairly by society.

Edward proves that he, indeed is exceptional as Peg has told him:

Never let anyone tell you you're handicapped. You're.... special.

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