In the movie Do the Right Thing, how do the characters feel when dealing with people from different cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there is not going to be a direct answer in this question because there is not a direct answer offered in the movie.  For example, Mookie might demonstrate some initial apprehension meeting new people who come from different backgrounds, but it is shown that he is able to work with anyone, once these initial presuppositions are put to the side.  He works with Pino, who has nothing but contempt for those who come from a different background.  Vito, Pino's brother, has little problem interacting with those who are different from him.  He is able to represent both the White majority and also build bridges with those who are different from him, in particular, those who live in the Bed- Stuy neighborhood.  Sal has been building those very bridges for over two decades in the film.  Yet, in the most critical of moments, Sal is unable to understand Radio Raheem, calling his music "Jungle music" and denigrating much in which he believes by using the "N" word.  Senor Love Daddy might be the most effective in being able to deal with those who are different, as he calls for a stop when each ethnicity is misrepresenting the other one.  Indeed, it is here where Lee presents the reality that those who are different from one another might possess different tools in order to work with those who come from different backgrounds or identities.