Is Crash an entertaining or an educating film?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A compelling case can be made for both options, but I tend to think that Haggis' film is more of an educating one.  The film explores the level of social biases and prejudices that impact our being.  At these critical moments when "crashes" between people of different groups happen, the question becomes to what extent these biases are present.  The film is educational in how it assesses the role of these generalizations in how we judge others and judge our own actions.  It seeks to open a dialogue about these elements.  This is where its educational value is evident and where I think that there is a value of education in the film.  I do think that there is entertainment, but it lies in its educational merit.  The film has been used a part of a social critique about the role of race and prejudice in the modern setting, helping to cement the educational value of the film.  The fact that different characters undergo different revelations and epiphanies regarding their own relationship to the issue of race and the larger condition of prejudice in our society helps to make the film more of an educational voyage than simply pure entertainment without social implications.