In the movie "Coraline" what are the themes and give examples of each? What are the literary elements in the movie and discuss each one?

mkcapen1 | Student

The movie Coraline entails all the basic literary elements.  The plot of the story is based on conflict.  A major conflict and theme in the movie is Coraline’s effort to resist and get away from the witch/spider like woman who wants to take Coraline’s youth and leave her spirit in limbo.  There are major characters in the story and the protagonist, Coraline, versus the antagonist, the other mother/witch.  Foreshadowing is used by the viewer seeing odd hands dismantling and re-stuffing and sewing a doll which floats out of the window.  The viewer will later learn that the hands belonged to the witch. The inciting force is the witch who needs Coraline’s eyes so that she can retain her youth/life.  There are several types of conflict typically found in literature; Man versus man occurs in the movie when Coraline is pitted against the witch, man versus self is evident when Coraline tries to come to terms with her feelings about her move to the new house and her parents lifestyle and work habits.  A rise in action as Coraline becomes trapped by the witch and tries to escape as well as rescue the other trapped children and a climax when Coraline defeats the witch.  There is the crisis that leads to the rise in the action and this occurs when he witch and her mate try to get Coraline to sew in the buttons for eyes and stay with them.  Following the climax in the story the action begins to fall as Coraline’s life returns to normal and resolution occurs when Coraline accepts her new home and friend Whitey.  Her parents also change and Coraline realizes that she happy to have them in her life.  There are major characters in the story and the protagonist, Coraline, verus the antognist, the other mother/witch.


Several of the stories themes are as follows: Coraline’s conflict with the other mother/witch who needs Coraline’s eyes so that she can take her youth. A second theme in the story is Coraline’s dissatisfaction with her family and home.  She desires different parents who are more attentive to her needs.  The other mother/witch and her mate seem to be everything Corlaine desires in parents.  A third theme is Coraline’s vulnerability.  Her desires cause her to be rendered unable to see the evil that lurks behind “too good a thing.” A fourth theme is the mystery of the doll and the missing children.