In the movie Chocolat, how would one describe the crisis Vianne's little family faces? And how does she handle this crisis?

Expert Answers
rdb919 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the filmĀ Chocolat, the crisis faced by Vianne and her daughter is finding a place. Vianne is a woman who moves based on the way the wind blows, and she is continuously uprooting her daughter every time she packs them up and moves on to another town. Vianne is restless and has never been able to find a place that feels right to her and where she truly belongs. Once she reaches this final town, she is scorned by the village mayor, who tries to turn everyone against her. She responds to this at first by fighting back and preparing special sweets during Lent to show everyone how delicious her chocolate is. She also befriends the outliers in town and shows them kindness where others did not.

After many difficulties, particularly when her new friend Roux is chased out of town, Vianne is ready to heed the new wind coming in and move yet again. Though she and her daughter believed that they had found a place that was right for them, Vianne realized she was wrong. Her solution is to move on. However, when Roux returns and Vianne looks around her to see all of those that she and her daughter, Anouk, have grown close to and have impacted, she realizes that the place she belongs is with the people who care for her and her family.