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In The Blind Side, I need to talk about 3 different themes. I have come up with overcoming obstacles and the influence of a nurturing family.  What is another important theme of the movie/novel.  Provide support to the answer.

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Besides the two excellent examples provided, a third theme for The Blind Side is the feeling of being an outsider. Michael Oher is an outsider in every conceivable way imaginable. He is black among white students; he comes from an impoverished background, where his peers have only known relative comfort and wealth. He even feels like an outsider when it comes to his physical presence, as his powerful physique is one of the reasons athletic directors initially take interest in him. Despite his stature, he is shy and quiet, with many reservations about using his prodigious strength for anything, much less for athletic achievement. In this sense, he is an outsider even within himself, feeling less than comfortable in his own body.

Michael finds that being an outsider leads to feelings of extreme isolation and, by extension, a lack of trust. He does not know who in life has good intentions at heart, and when the Tuhoys show him kindness, he seems to be waiting for the catch to reveal itself....

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