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In The Blind Side, I need to talk about 3 different themes. I have come up with overcoming obstacles and the influence of a nurturing family.  What is another important theme of the movie/novel.  Provide support to the answer.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most powerful themes in The Blind Side is the idea that individuals can transcend the conditions around them.  Michael Oher does not become a victim to the economic challenges around him and does not become enticed by the promises of future wealth.  He remains true to the values and ideas that are valid and reflective of an insightful human being.  Throughout the film, Michael transcends the world around him.  Both on the football field and off it, he is not trapped by the conditions that envelop him.  In being able to transcend these, he demonstrates that individuals do not have to be limited by the conditions that surround them.

Another theme that emerges from the film is the theme of individual versus society.  Both Michael and Leigh Anne must challenge the people around them who criticize their actions. Leigh Anne's socialite friends refer to her embracing Michael as a "project in the projects, she distances herself from them in a direct manner.  When Michael goes back to his home and finds his former friends insulting Leigh Anne and her daughter, Michael separates himself from them.  In both instances, the individual must make a deliberate and conscious choice to break free from the world in which they live in order to pursue what they believe and the people they love.

A final theme which is seen is the need to take action. Human action is an important theme in the film.  Leigh Anne takes action in helping Michael.  Michael takes action in listening and honoring Leigh Anne both on the football field and off it.  Characters are shown to possess power in the world, something evident in the way human action is taken.  The film asserts that action is an essential component to being a human being.  The theme of human action is a very important one to the message and purpose of the film.

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