In the movie A Beautiful Mind, how does johns schizophrenia affect his relationship with his wife before and after being diagnosed and treated? This is for health.

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Before John's schizophrenia is diagnosed, he and Alicia enjoy a fairly normal, stable marriage. They have a child, and John secures a high-paying job at a prestigious laboratory that does work for the Department of Defense. Because of the classified nature of John's work, Alicia does not know that he is slowly losing his grip on reality. Even after a doctor informs her John is mentally ill, she does not initially believe him.

After she knows the truth, Alicia demonstrates her love to him primarily by continuing to support him, caring for their child and making sure he takes his medicine, etc., but it is hard on her. John's medication saps his energy and dampens their sex life, which eventually drives John to stop taking the medication and leads to further hallucinations. During one of these episodes, he seems about to psychically harm Alicia, causing her to grab her child and get in the car to drive away. This is a pivotal scene in the movie, the point John realizes that the people...

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