In the movie, Alien, what aspects of chemistry are demonstrated?

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In the film, Alien, many aspects of chemistry are demonstrated. First of all, the crew on the spaceship Nostromo from Earth is on a return trip from Thedus hauling twenty million tons of mineral ore. This mining expedition is going to refine their haul to get out valuable minerals. The periodic table of elements in chemistry has many elements that are valuable and must be mined and extracted from ores. When an alien creature on a derelict alien spacecraft that the crew was investigating, attaches to one of the crew member's faces, when they attempt to remove it, the blood of the alien was a corrosive acid. Acids react with bases. Acids are studied in chemistry because some can react with metals. Acids have a sour taste. Anything with a ph of less than 7 is an acid. Acids can be corrosive meaning they can destroy or damage another surface they come in contact with. These are two examples of how chemistry is demonstrated in the film.


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