Discuss how the film The 11th Hour depicts human involvement in the destruction of the ecosystem.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the primary motivation of the film is to show how human beings have the power to rectify much of what has been done to the natural ecosystem.  The film does not presume to tell the audience that it is too late to change.  Consider the Churchill quote used in the film about how "the right thing" is usually embraced when "all other possibilities" have been exhausted.  This helps to bring to light the idea that while human freedom and action has put the ecosystem in a perilous condition, it can be the same autonomy that makes things right.  The film's message is located squarely on individual action in stressing that new mental paradigms have to be adopted and that if individuals make a conscious commitment to living a more "eco- friendly" life, change can happen.  The film does not examine the natural conditions or structural elements that allow issues like global warming to happen outside of human beings.  Rather, the film stresses that "reshaping" and "rethinking" human place in the larger configuration of nature will help restore balance to a state of being where it has been lost.