Motto for Black HistoryIf you write about your Black History, what will your self-motto be?

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Live the dream. This is so common it's almost a cliche. However, Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is something that we can all bring into existence one by one. Only by honoring KIng's dream in our day to day lives can we bring about real change.
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"Carter G. Woodson established the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915. The son of former slaves, Woodson created the first Negro History Week in 1926 to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln."

A motto is considered to be  brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal. As a teacher I teach a unit on Black History every February. Martin Luter King Jr. is know for his "I Have A Dream" speech at a great civil rights rally.  Madam C. J. Walker said "Let perseverance be your motto.  I would have to say that my motto would be, I never stopped trying to learn.

As a white middle class teacher, living in the heart of Tennessee, it is not the norm to spend a whole unit on African American History.  We don't even have many Black students, but I believe that the more the White race can learn and understand what the Blacks have been through in our country there will be less prejudice and hatred.  I continue to try and study and learn about this history and am probably recognized in my school for the one teacher who is well read on this topic.

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As an African American living in a post Civil Rights movement country, I would have to say a perfect motto can be "Power within leads to Movement and Change"  The idea is to look within oneself and see your own potential, your own talents, and not focus so much on the outer world if you want to achieve.  Hone in on who you are and belief in oneself, and through that anyone can move mountains.  I think with Barack Obama becoming the first African American president, it can lead to many in the African American community to believe that anything is possible, and that our country and social mores are changing, which is absolutely wonderful.

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