A motif from the book and at least 15 examples of where it is seen in The Kite Runner.Please list the exact page and quote where you see the motif. Explain the quote if you can.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Scars, both psychological and physical, is a recurring motif in The Kite Runner. Here are 15 examples:

  • The harelip that mars Hassan's smiling face is mentioned often.
  • Hassan, like many other characters, endures mental scars; his come from the attack and rape by Assef.
  • The physical scars that can be found on Hassan's father, Ali.
  • Baba has a huge scar on his back (possibly from fighting a black bear).
  • Amir has many emotional scars, primarily from his betrayal of Hassan.
  • Amir later receives numerous scars from his beating by Assef.
  • Sohrab has many mental scars from his treatment at the hands of the Taliban.
  • Sohrab retains the physical scars following his suicide attempt.
  • Soraya has mental scars from her past, primarily from her love affair that went awry back in Virginia.
  • Kabul--and all of Afghanistan--is scarred by the long warring at the hands of the Russians and, later, the Taliban.
  • Farid, Amir's driver during his return to Afghanistan, has scars from wounds received fighting with the Northern Alliance.
  • Sanaubar, Hassan's mother, returns after a long absence with horrible scars on her face.
  • Kamal, one of Assef's companions during their attack on Hassan, suffers psychological scars after he, too, is sexually attacked by Russian soldiers.
  • Khanum Taheri, the general's wife, suffers a stroke and a resulting speech disability after her daughter runs away.
  • Farzana, Hassan's wife, is murdered by the Taliban.