In "My Mother's Blue Bowl" by Alice Walker, explain the symbol or importance of the blue bowl.

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Walker describes the blue bowl as a "cauldron of memories." The bowl's function is to represent the meaning that people often attach to objects and how that meaning can shape an object's value. Walker finds the bowl tucked away and does not see a meaningless material possession. Instead, she sees her family, her childhood, and her mother's enduring love.

When Walker asks her mother for the bowl, her mother does not hesitate to part ways with it. To Walker, the bowl has sentimental meaning. For her mother, the bowl is merely an object, no matter the role it has played in their lives. In this moment, the bowl also becomes a lesson about not placing too much importance on the material world. Walker says that her mother lets go "easily, without emphasis or regret." However, this eye-opening moment doesn't detract from the meaning Walker has attached...

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