What is the most significant moment in Stave Two of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?

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In Stave Two Scrooge is visited by the first of the three spirits Marley's Ghost told him would come. The Spirit of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to visit several scenes of his own past and one of his former fiance's past. Many of these events are significant, and we can see Scrooge already beginning to change and soften. The first indication he is softening is when Scrooge looks upon himself as a lonely boy at boarding school. All the other boys have gone home for the holiday, but he is left reading all by himself in the barren, cheerless room. This causes Scrooge to wish he had treated the Christmas caroler who came to his shop the previous evening with more kindness.

Next we see another Christmas where Scrooge is again left alone...

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