Discuss the implications of the most growing need for India is to maintain communal harmony.

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I think that the statement makes the presumption that there is ongoing communal or sectarian clashes on a continual basis.  This might have been true a while back, but might not be as true now.  I certainly believe that there are tensions in the Indian social diaspora, but this is going to be expected with a nation that houses so much diversity as India.  A nation with hundreds of languages and dialects and one in which different states almost view themselves as different nations is bound to have some level of challenging social cohesion issues.  I do believe that as India becomes a more globalized partner in the world economy, there will have to be an emphasis to understand all parts of India as contributing to the general and cohesive good of "India."  Yet, I think that this is already happening as a product of globalization and the rapid technological enhancement of India.  The urban centers deemphasize communal differences as the need to have "Wi- Fi" and "4G" models of phones cuts across ethnic and communal differences.  This is something that will probably expand wider in India, helping to deemphasize the differences that have defined India in the past.

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