In the Most Dangerous Game, What is strange about Zaroff's reply when Rainsford says he doesn't feel well?

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In The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connell, tells a chilling tale. General Zaroff is a man who has grown tired with hunting animals and now has turned his attention to hunting humans. He bought an island and captures men there to hunt. When Mr. Rainsford arrives at his doorstep one night, he has no idea what he is walking into.

Rainsford has fallen overboard of his ship and thinks General Zaroff is an answer to prayers. They have dinner together and discuss their shared love for hunting big animals. At this point, Rainsford discovers what kind of big animal the general now likes to hunt. Rainsford is horrified to discover this. When he tells the general he is not feeling well, the general responds in a peculiar way. Genarl Zaroff tells him that he is sure he is not feeling the best, after his very long swim, but is disappointed because he wants to hunt with him. How did he know he had a long swim? Why was he so disappointed that he couldn't go hunting with him that night?

As the story moves forward, you discover that the general wants to hunt Rainsford. That is why his comment was so strange when Rainsford said he wasn't feeling well. He wanted to get the hunt on quickly.

The Most Dangerous Game makes the reader think of how far some humans will go in the name of sport and having what they call a good time. 

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