In "The Most Dangerous Game" what is one example of external conflict and internal conflict?

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vmoriarity eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One example of external conflict in "The Most Dangerous Game" is when General Zaroff "hunts" Rainsford.  This man vs. man conflict is clearly stated when General Zaroff says, "I hunt the scum of the earth: sailors from tramp ships--lassars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels--a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them."

Initially there is very little internal conflict in the story. When Rainsford discusses how the hunted feel with Whitney on the boat, he has no sympathy, saying "they have no understanding."  It is only after hearing that Zarroff hunts humans that he struggles internally. As he enjoys Zaroff's fine food and inviting accommodations, his conscience pricks at him.  This is clearest when he heads off to a comfortable bed in "pajamas of the softest silk."  Even though he is exhausted, "Rainsford could not quiet his brain with the opiate of sleep. He lay, eyes wide open." His tossing and turning demonstrates the internal conflict Rainsford is experiencing.


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