In "The Most Dangerous Game," what equipment does Rainsford use to survive?

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Before General Zaroff begins hunting Rainsford throughout Ship-Trap Island, he has Ivan provide Sanger with khaki hunting clothes, a haversack of food, and a long-bladed hunting knife. These are the only items at Rainsford's disposal for the three-day "game." While Rainsford is armed with a simple hunting knife, the general carries a small caliber pistol and has expert hunting dogs at his disposal. Despite having a clear disadvantage, Rainsford manages to survive for three days on the island and avoid the manacial general. Rainsford uses the long-bladed hunting knife to create deadly booby traps that halt the general's advance and threaten his life. Using the knife, Rainsford saws tree limbs and sharpens stakes to make a Malay mancatcher, Burmese tiger pit, and a specific Uganda booby trap. Without the use of Rainsford's knife, he would have difficulty constructing the various booby traps. His food rations are also valuable and allow him to focus solely on avoiding General Zaroff during the three days.

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Rainsford has several items supplied by Ivan. Rainsford has a hunting kinfe supplied by Ivan. Rainsford also has a cache of food and hunting clothes.

From another door came Ivan. Under one arm he carried khaki hunting clothes, a haversack of food, a leather sheath containing a long-bladed hunting knife;

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