In The Most Dangerous Game,what does Zaroff say about "instinct"?Philosophers debate this ideology;think it is true?Why,why not? Provide an example

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "The Most Dangerous Game," General Zaroff says, "Instinct is no match for reason." I agree--instinct is much more important than reason. Reason is often influenced by our prejudices, beliefs, and etc. Instinct is more objective as it is natural response to events. This proves to be true in the story as every clever thing that Rainsford reasons in an effort to defeat Zaroff fails. It is only his instinct (without reasoning that it would be a deadly maneauver) to fling himself into the sea saved Rainsford, and Zaroff with all of his reasonĀ  ended up losing the most dangerous game.

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