In "The Most Dangerous Game," how is Rainsford trying to survive?

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In the story "The Most Dangerous Game," Rainsford tries to survive by essentially thinking like an animal or prey in order to outsmart his predator, General Zaroff. He uses four traps to survive in the story.

Firstly, Rainsford stages a Fox Hunt in which he loops several trails going in different directions, almost like the anti-predation behavior of a fox. He does this to throw Zaroff off his real path and create some distance between Zaroff and himself.

Secondly, Rainsford creates the Maylay Mancatcher. He positions a tree to fall on Zaroff as he walks by, however, only Zaroff's shoulder gets injured when the tree falls.

Thirdly, Rainsford creates Burmese Tiger pit also intended to kill Zaroff. A leaf-covered pit with sharpened sticks at the bottom constructed along a trail is targeted at killing Zaroff. But once again Zaroff escapes injury as one of Zaroff's best tracking dogs falls into the pit and dies.

Fourthly, Rainsford uses the Uganda Knife Trick, involving the attachment of a knife to a branch of a tree. When the wire attached to the knife is stepped on the knife is released, stabbing the Zaroff. However, again Zaroff escapes and instead his servant is stabbed.

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