If Rainsford had agreed to hunt with Zaroff how would the story have ended?Please help me out. Give me 3 different answers to this questions.

Expert Answers
tthusing eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1)The first thought I had is that it would end the same way.  Rainsford agreeing to hunt with Zaroff would be a short term fix to a larger problem.  Remember that Zaroff said that even thought people can reason, sailors were still failing to be as challenging as he had hoped.  That means he may have still resorted to hunting Rainsford.

2)The second option would be that perhaps Zaroff allowed Rainsford to stay on the island with him to continue hunting.  He seemed to want company, but someone he could talk about hunting with.

3)The third is that they fought, but Zaroff hunts and kills Rainsford anyway.  He cannot let Rainsford leave and risk him telling the people on the mainland of his hunting practices.

kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If Rainsford had agreed to hunt with Zaroff, maybe they would become friends and Rainsford would change his mind.

If Rainsford had agreed to hunt with Zaroff then they would hunt together and Rainsford would fail. He would never be the hunter Zaroff wanted. He would be no competition and eventually Zaroff would become dissatisfied with him.

If Rainsford had agreed to hunt with Zaroff maybe he would finally have killed Zaroff, then the story would end in a totally different way.

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